When he first entered AEW, Matt Hardy did so under his Broken Matt Hardy character, though the run was ultimately cut short due to there being no fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a character he wouldn’t mind taking for another spin one day. In a Q&A episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy revealed he was open to bringing the character back, hopefully with his brother Jeff Hardy and Jeremy Borasch involved.

“Broken Matt has a very, a very dear place in my heart,” Hardy said. “Like, I would love to do a silly-ass Broken Matt series, you know, whatever it may be. I’m sure Jeff would be down for it too. He loves that nonsense as well. I think it could be really fun. Maybe one of these days, we’ll get Jeremy Borash back over and we’ll take JB and we’ll do more Broken Universe type of thing.”

The Broken Matt Hardy universe preceded the rise of cinematic matches by a few years, with cinematic matches becoming prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hardy explained why he wanted to go that route to tell stories.

“It’s so crazy that we were ahead of this pandemic doing that,” Hardy said. “The whole reason I wanted to do that was to do something that was unorthodox and out of the ordinary and just something that would give us a different avenue to tell a story. You know, something that would be very strange like the whole Broken Matt Hardy.

“I wanted to be a throwback to like the early 90s, the crazy characters, the Papa Shangos and the Undertaker when he first started.”

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