Paul Heyman Says Recent WWE Call-Up Is “A Main-Eventer”

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, Paul Heyman joined the show to talk about the future stars of the WWE. While naming several talents like Riddle and Bron Breakker, Heyman named one former NXT superstar now turned SmackDown superstar who he sees as a potential main eventer down the line.


"I think after his initiation with the audience demonstrates just how capable he is, Riddick Moss is going to be a star," Heyman said. "I don't think anyone has a clue just how capable he is and he's demonstrated he can walk into any personality that he's assigned as a task. When Riddick Moss has the emergence out of his shell into his next incarnation, the same way the Big Dog elevated his game, upgraded his status, and morphed into The Tribal Chief. Riddick Moss' next iteration in the WWE, there'll be no stopping Riddick Moss, he's a main eventer."

Continuing to speak about the future of WWE, Paul Heyman also mentioned amateur wrestling star Gable Steveson as someone he sees as a sure-fire bet to be a star. Steveson made his last appearance in WWE in December and has yet to wrestle a match for the RAW brand he was drafted to. Heyman continued to mention how special the NCAA Champion can be, mentioning the accomplishments he has that both Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar do not.


"Gable Steveson, an Olympic Gold Medalist, Division 1 NCAA World Champion," Heyman said. "The first Heavyweight in 20 something years to win the Hodge Trophy which even Brock Lesnar didn't win. So Brock Lesnar's claim to fame as an NCAA Wrestler is the Division 1 NCAA Championship, Gable Steveson has got that.

"Kurt Angle's claim to fame in amateur wrestling was an Olympic Gold Medal, Gable Steveson got that. Neither Brock nor Kurt won the Hodge Trophy, which is the Heisman Trophy for wrestlers and he went back for his final year of DUM and he's undefeated this year. He picks up this industry and loves this industry, Gable Steveson a sure-fire bet [to be a star]."

Adding more names to the list of talent Heyman sees as the future, the Special Council for Roman Reigns mentioned a few female stars he sees with great potential. Paul Heyman also spoke about Big E and Kevin Owens and why he doesn't think we've seen the peak of either former WWE Champions.

"Mandy Rose is impressing me in NXT," Heyman said. "She went down to NXT to completely reinvent herself and she's emerging as a real top star. Rhea Ripley, we have not even seen the beginnings of how great Rhea Ripley can be. There is a locker room filled with potential, there's a locker room full of great talent both RAW and SmackDown and NXT as well. It just needs to be talent seizing the moment, seeing the opportunity. We haven't seen the best of Kevin Owens, we haven't seen the best of Big E, far from it. He has so much more to offer and he just needs the time and the chance to do so."


As far as what's next for Heyman following his "swerve" at this past weekend's Royal Rumble, helping Roman Reigns cost Brock Lesnar the WWE Championship, Paul Heyman said he'll "reveal all" on tonight's episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

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