Released WWE Superstar Sends Message To Shane McMahon

In the midst of the Shane McMahon controversy, former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman has sent a message to his former rival.

Strowman has shared a picture of his Steel Cage Match with McMahon at last year's WrestleMania 37, while seemingly inviting McMahon to join him, EC3 and Killer Kross in the #ControlYourNarrative movement.

"All you have to do is knock our doors open brother!!!!

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page believes the McMahon controversy "could be a complete work" and a possible set-up for a future storyline.

"I'm not saying it is (a work), but I just don't believe anything in wrestling anymore," DDP told The Bro Show. "It could be a complete work. Shane's a classy dude. Every experience I've ever had of Shane McMahon, it's been straight up. I don't see how Shane goes crazy in between, I saw him at the Hall of Fame.

"In this scenario, my opinion of Shane McMahon is really up there. I didn't see it. I'm not going to let some dirt sheets or people talking smack take that (change his opinion about Shane). I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. Do I think it could be a work? Part of me (says yes). I don't know for what reason it would be. Who knows, Shane could come through the crowd right before WrestleMania and he's booked in...who knows."

You can click here for the latest on Shane McMahon reportedly having "heated arguments" with people backstage at last Saturday's Royal Rumble event. McMahon was reportedly "quietly let go" by Vince McMahon in the aftermath of the fiasco. WWE has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

You can see Strowman's Instagram post below.


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