Ever since starting his Cafe de Rene podcast, former WWE star Rene Dupree has made many claims, including calling out Goldberg for being unsafe and criticizing Bully Ray, leading to a brief back and forth between the two. On the most recent episode of Cafe de Rene, Rene Dupree this time told stories on WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon, starting with McMahon drinking a jug of wine in front of Dupree while WWE was flying overseas. Dupree also claims to have suffered a broke nose and concussion in a match earlier in the evening.

“We’re in Nashville, it was a tag team match,” Dupree recalled. “Me and Kenzo (Suzuki) against Eddie and Booker. Booker gives me a back elbow, busts my nose, knocks me the f-ck out, right? My nose is broken, there’s blood everywhere. I’m f-cking out of it, right? So I go up to Vince after, I go,  ‘I just broke my nose.’ ‘Oh, you must be in pain.’

“So anyway, we get on this like, flying army vessel, f-cking military plane, right? To fly to, first, we fly from Nashville to Germany to like, a Germany airbase. Then Germany to Iraq. So on the flight there, Vince is drinking. He’s drinking red wine out of like a gallon water jug. He’s this billionaire f-cking drinking like a f-cking, you know, moonshine like some f-cking hick, right?”

Rene Dupree continued, recalling the antics of McMahon and JBL during the flight that involved JBL drawing on a passed out camera man. He also claims a drunk McMahon would hit Dupree in the back of the head with a hard pillow.

“He’s drinking with Bradshaw, right?”” Dupree sadi. “Because him and Bradshaw, he’s one of Bradshaw’s, you know? So I’m seeing them doing this f-cking college, middle school, high school sh-t. One of the camera guys was passed out. One of the camera guys was passed out sleeping, so Bradshaw goes and draws like a penis on the outside of the guy’s mouth, then he’s like doing a moon or sticking his a– in the guy’s face and they’re taking like, pictures of it, right?

“So they make their way behind me, right? Now mind you, I have a concussion, broken nose. All of a sudden, I feel ‘bam!’ right in the back of the head. Dude my f-cking nose starts bleeding. Oh, by the way, we had to wear army helmets and bulletproof vests because we’re headed into a war zone and it’s Vince. Vince had rolled up one of those big pillows, you know, you sleep on. But you know if you tie it up and you swing it, that sh-t can hurt.”

Another story Rene Dupree told was Vince McMahon and Triple H joining the boys at a strip club, where then WWE star Val Venis hit up McMahon for a raise. Dupree also told a story about Ric Flair and a stripper.

“I just remember Val Venis drunk as sh-t, like, talking with Vince like ‘hey, give me a better spot,'” Dupree said. “I don’t think Triple H and Vince stayed long, I think they only stayed for an hour, and then they left. And then everybody else just partied, right? I remember there was one girl, who was all over Flair. Flair was like ‘listen, I know I can spot a gold digger and this chick had f-cking gold f-cking flakes all over her, right?’ And at the end of the night, she goes to me, like I was the last resort. ‘No, b-tch. I don’t want you.'”

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