Santino Marella commented on his daughter Bianca Carelli signing with WWE on a recent appearance of The Walkway To Fight Club podcast. His remarks come less than three weeks after he confirmed her signing.

“She’ll be starting I believe March 14 actually at the Performance Center. She’s a superstar, a complete package superstar in the making. She’s going to be a household name for the next several years anyway. You guys will get to enjoy her work. She’s quite talented.”

Despite being a comedy act for most of his WWE career, Santino Marella had a lengthy run. He knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make it or not within the confines of WWE. This gives him the ability to share his wisdom and advice with his daughter to make sure her tenure is just as successful.

When asked what advice he gave his daughter ahead of her start date Santino Marella said, “you’re not owed anything. Don’t take it for granted because there’s a beginning and an end to your career. Just be grateful every day that you’re someone that can travel and entertain for a living, and a good living. Don’t get caught up on winning and losing. As long as you’re on the show. Whatever you’re given. If you’re given lemons, you make lemonade. Whatever it is just knock it out of the park.”

Santino Marella never captured the top title in WWE, but he doesn’t think that matters in the long run, “Sometimes guys are so fixed on being World Heavyweight Champion or being used in a certain capacity. They focus on the discrepancy between where they want to be and where they feel they are as opposed to just being so grateful and thankful for where they are.”

Regarding his future, Santino Marella plans to expand his growing commentary career. While he’s content working for Primetime Wrestling right now, he’s open to moving to one of the bigger promotions.

“I’m starting to do more and more commentary, and eventually I’ll work for one of the larger companies. WWE, AEW, Impact, one of those companies as a commentator. Just gonna go pay my dues and get better and better and work on some stuff. I listen to it back and see where I can make some tweaks. I just want to become the best at it and go somewhere and have a significant impact in the production.”

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