Santos Escobar Names WWE Main Roster Stars He Wants In NXT

WWE NXT 2.0 star Santos Escobar sat down with Mike Johnson of PWInsider to promote his NXT Championship match against current champion Bron Breakker this Tuesday on NXT: Vengeance Day.

With the recent arrivals of WWE main roster stars AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler, who wants a shot at the NXT Championship, to NXT 2.0, Santos Escobar was asked which other main roster stars he'd like to see on the brand. A luchador through and through, he named two luchadores from the RAW brand.

"Well first of all I think, to have such amazing superstars like AJ and Dolph show up to NXT speaks volumes of what we're doing in the brand because if they're willing to come on their day off, it means we're doing something right," Escobar said. "To your question, I would love to have maybe Rey Mysterio or Dominic, so we can, you know, throw down."

Santos Escobar also talked about NXT 2.0 and welcoming the challenge of competing against a roster with talent younger than he is. He believes he will defeat Breakker to win the NXT Championship and hopes to then defend it against any opponent.

"The business itself is evolving and I think the main note of NXT 2.0 is the young talent, the young raw talent that's always willing to fight, is hungry and of course, in this business, you either evolve or you die and in my case, I welcome the challenge," Escobar said. "I will come to fight. These talents are willing to give everything every single night, and I think that's the main point of advantage for me, that I'm always ready, because I come from a place, Mexico, where you have to fight 100% every single night. So I'm ready for this, and when I saw the changes happening, of course, you always have to stay ready, so I kept doing my program, my process.

"I transformed my body to fit this new image we're offering to our audience and I'm so happy, you know? I feel better than ever, and of course ready for this challenge in particular, and just hoping that I will come out on top. I know I will.  I think to me, the most important thing that I have in my mind right now is to capture the NXT Championship. Now, should that happen, and I know it will, I would like to defend the NXT Title against any opponent, but possibly against one of the three that were there this Tuesday."