Sasha Banks Lists WWE Talent She Would Cast In Star Wars Roles

WWE star Sasha Banks joined Mark Andrews' My Love Letter To Wrestling podcast and talked a little bit about her role in the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian as Koska Reeves. Sasha Banks discussed how she had always imagined herself in a Star Wars-related project and how she first learned that there was interest in her being in The Mandalorian.


"That dream was just like, only when you watch the movie, I'm imagining being in Star Wars," Banks said. "Not ever dreaming that I would ever actually be in Star Wars. And not just Star Wars, The Mandalorian. The number one show in the world. They're in love with it, they're in love with it. And it was just such an honor to get the call that I got.

"I got a message and then I got a call from my lawyer because I sent him the message. And I was like 'Disney wants me to do what? Okay, let's figure out what this is.' And then he called me up as I'm trying to go to the beach. He goes 'you've got to get home. Jon Favreau wants to call you right now.'"

Sasha Banks would then face time with Favreau, the actor turned filmmaker who created The Mandalorian for Disney+, where he offered Banks a role in the show. According to Banks, she no-sold her excitement at first because she was in disbelief.


"He Facetimed me and he's like 'I saw you on Hot Ones. I loved your personality, you are great. I would love to write a role for you in The Mandalorian,'" Banks recalled. "I was like 'what?' I was being so cool, I was so no-selling because I can't believe this is real. This is crazy."

Banks was later asked which wrestlers she would cast in Star Wars roles.

"Baby Yoda, can I say Hornswoggle? I choose Hornswoggle," Banks said. "Darth Vader would have to be Vince McMahon. Who else? Princess Leah, me. Chewbacca, why am I like seeing a cute little Big E in my head? Yeah, he's just so cute. Who else? R-Truth as Jar-Jar Binks."

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