After winning the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber this past weekend, Brock Lesnar is now on a collision course to face Roman Reigns in a title vs. title, winner takes all match in the main event of WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, Texas.

Ahead of the big match at WrestleMania, Brock’s long-time friend Shelton Benjamin joined the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin to speak about the transformation Brock has undergone. During their time in OVW together, Shelton Benjamin and Brock became friends over their amateur wrestling background and having worked their way to WWE together. Benjamin revealed that this current Brock Lesnar is the person he’s always known who acts this way around his close friends.

“I would say it’s the most like he is in real life amongst people that he likes,” Shelton Benjamin said. “I tell people all the time: one of the cool things with Brock is you never have to wonder where you stand with him because he’ll tell you, he’ll show you. He either wants nothing to do with you or you’re good friends. What you’re seeing to me is just Brock when he’s relaxed and amongst friends.”

Although he admits Brock is starting to show more of his true self to the WWE audience, Shelton Benjamin revealed that The Beast Incarnate was as real as it gets for Brock. The former United States Champion spoke about his friend and how he truly is a monster behind the scenes and never has played a character on television.

“You’re basically seeing another honest side of Brock because what you’ve seen for the last 20 something years, that’s not acting, that’s Brock in the ring and outside of the ring,” Shelton said. “The same sort of confidence, commanding presence, commanding attitude, everything, that’s Brock period. He’s not playing a role, he’s not playing a situation, he’s just going out there and playing himself. What he is is a monster, you’re just being allowed to see okay, this is the monster when he’s amongst [friends].”

As previously stated, Lesnar is set to face Reigns at WrestleMania 38, with The Beast appearing live on RAW tonight to talk about his victory and continue the build for the big match. Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is also advertised for the show, but given the story of him suffering a concussion that caused him to leave the match, WWE may choose to keep him off television for longer.

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