Vince McMahon And Tony Khan Nixed Big Chris Jericho Match

During the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho revealed to Brody King that he was set to be part of the G1 Supercard, the show that took place inside Madison Square Garden saw ROH and NJPW work together. However, both Tony Khan and Vince McMahon stopped him from appearing.

"I was actually going to go against Tanahashi," Chris Jericho revealed. "And then both Tony Khan and Vince McMahon asked me not to do it. That's a whole other story, we could do a whole podcast just on that. But I didn't do the show."

Brody King then spoke about being part of the show. He thought he was put in a spot to replace the likes of The Young Bucks and SCU, admitting that a lot of the MSG show was sold out based on those types of people appearing.

"I was put in the position to take those guys' place with Villain Enterprises. It's like, 'that's big shoes to fill.' I think that the initial sellout of MSG was with the thought that Kenny and The Bucks and you and all these other guys were going to be there. So it was like, 'well we had better put on a damn good show.' Thankfully, it was still sold out," he said. "Like the place was packed when we did it. It was rocky, it was up and down, and I feel like it was not what people were expecting. I had a great time, my match was awesome."

Brody King was involved in a tag team match on the G1 Supercard, but people mainly remember the shenanigans after the bell that saw Enzo and Cass appear, brawling with The Briscoes outside the ring. The AEW star admitted to Chris Jericho that he had no clue what was happening in that situation. He still doesn't to this day.

"But then, even that match got tainted with the weird Enzo and Cass run-in thing at the end. It's funny, people ask me, 'how come didn't you get involved?' And I'm like, 'I didn't even know it was happening.' Nobody told us anything," he revealed. "PCO had just got powerbombed outside the ring. So my first thought when the match was over was like, 'make sure he's alive.' So, I went over to him, got him up, and we started walking down and we see like a commotion in the corner.

"I couldn't really see who was fighting who, I just saw The Briscoes and Bully and was like, 'oh, they're doing something weird over there.' I shuffled Carl off to the side to make sure he was okay. Then afterward, people were coming up to me like, 'why was Enzo and Cass out there?' And I was like, 'what are you talking about?' And then I look on the internet and it's like, 'what is happening?' Then I started asking people, 'did you know this was happening?'

"To this day, I don't really know the full story. I feel like it was so lowkey, they didn't film it. I remember watching the match back and you can clearly hear Colt Cabana, who was on commentary like, 'film away from that, cut to the commentator's desk,' it was really strange. Whoever was involved didn't put the proper people in the know."

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