Tony Nese Names AEW Star He Wants To Tag With

AEW star Tony Nese sat down with Wrestling Headlines to talk about, what else, wrestling. A long-time veteran of both the independent circuit, WWE, and now AEW, Tony Nese was asked if he thought he knew everything there was to wrestling prior to signing with WWE in 2016.

"At the time, yes," Nese said. "I definitely think I did, until you actually go into WWE and you started to realize 'oh man, there's a whole nother world to learn.' Because honestly, independent wrestling and TV wrestling are two completely different things. And you know, you'll hear that from almost anyone who's been through the system. So that's why that's another thing.

"It's always very funny to me because it's hard to compare. I understand from a fan standpoint, it's all the same. But to a wrestler who does it, it's really hard to compare like an indie wrestler or an indie promotion and something like WWE and even now, with AEW becoming more prominent on television. You can tell they're kind of learning more and more the television aspect of it rather than just the large live event.

"So yeah, I mean, there was just so much to learn. Going into it, yes, I felt technically sound, I felt physically sound, and I thought when it came to that, I definitely feel like I knew my craft. But then when it came to learning about now cameras and cuts and time and all that stuff, that was the biggest learning process. But it was kind of fun because it was a whole other world to learn. And we would try to at training, we would practice as much as we can. Working hard cam, working times and stuff like that. But until you're really in that situation you don't really realize how stressful it can get."

Now in AEW, Tony Nese was asked what AEW star he would like to form a tag team with. His answer was a current member of the Best Friends and a wrestler Tony Nese began his career teaming with.

"I would say right now, a good one I would love to do again is Trent Beretta," Nese said. "Almost no one knows this, me and Trent Beretta were a tag team before he went to WWE. He was Plasma and I was Maverick. I don't know why. And we were actually called, believe it or not, 'The Dudebusters.' Then he went to WWE and then I remember him, like, debuting on TV with Caylen Croft and they come out to the name 'Dudebusters' and I just texted him, like 'bro, what the hell?'

"So we teamed up for a while, but he was probably one of the first people I clicked with as a tag team. We kind of had the same style and the same ideas and the same, you know, we loved watching the same stuff, studying the same stuff. Because we kind of trained together. He started a little bit earlier than me, and then when I started training we kind of linked up and I would always go to his house and we'd watch like Hardy Boyz tapes and stuff like that. Yeah, we watched all that stuff, so he would be fun to partner up with again."

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