Video: Johnny Knoxville Gets Sami Zayn Thrown Out Of Jackass Forever Premiere

As we've noted, Sami Zayn announced via Twitter that he was planning to attend the Jackass Forever premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

WWE has released a video of Johnny Knoxville confronting Zayn at the premiere's red carpet. As seen below, Zayn approached reporters to point out how Knoxville had been "messing with me for a month" in WWE. Knoxville then arrived on the scene, asking Zayn why he was at the event. This led to Zayn asking an Entertainment Tonight reporter why he was being labeled as "the bad guy for coming here and trying to show respect?"

Zayn was then escorted from the area by security guards. In another video, Zayn can be seen dancing in a lobby en route to the premiere.

Later in the night, Zayn revealed he snuck back into the theater after getting thrown out by Knoxville. As seen below, he shared a video via his Instagram Stories.

Zayn and Knoxville feuded for weeks leading up to last Saturday's Royal Rumble, where Zayn would eliminate the Jackass star from the 30-Man Rumble. In a backstage interview after the event, Knoxville made it clear that he was not done with Zayn, and that Zayn had payback coming his way. The segment ended with Zayn confronting Megan Morant and seething over how she interviewed Knoxville instead of him.

You can see videos of Sami Zayn at the Jackass Forever premiere below, along with pictures of Drew McIntyre attending the red carpet.