Appearing on the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards show, AEW’s Arn Anderson was asked to name the best promo in 2021. After jokingly suggesting himself and his famous Glock Promo, Arn Anderson gave a serious answer, naming another AEW star as the best promo last year.

Arn Anderson, Glock Promo. Hands down,” Anderson joked. “No, no, that was one of those couple of week deals that flamed up. MJF (is the answer). He’s so comfortable in his own skin. You know, I didn’t think I would ever meet a bigger a–hole than myself. I have and he’s intelligent. He’s articulate. He’s paid some dues. He’s a guy that doesn’t mind going, sticking his chin out there and saying, ‘go ahead and take a swing’. Hands down, MJF.”

Arn Anderson was also asked if MJF could be compared to former pro wrestling manager/personality and controversial figure Jim Cornette. Anderson admitted he saw a lot of the same qualities in each men, but ultimately said the comparison was apples and oranges.

“At this stage of his career, I think he is,” Anderson said. “You know you have to be fair when you start to compare him to other people because Jim Cornette was always, you know, like all of us, you couldn’t cuss on television. There was only so far you could go with your insinuations on television. The gloves are off these days and you have a much wider parameter that is allowed to be on TV. So, I guess what I’m saying is you compare orange to apples instead of apples to apples. And you know, Jimmy continues to be one of those controversial guys that tells the truth as he sees it and that’s what America is all about.

“That’s what I like about Jimmy. Now, does Jimmy go so far sometimes to where you go ‘woah, okay?’ Yes. MJF has went so far, I’ve actually got up in the room I was in and went and locked the door and cut the lights out. He horrified me so bad, I didn’t want anybody to think I was involved with him, even working in the same company. That cat, woo. But again, it’s comparing oranges to apples and you know, the parameters we used to be under no longer are there.”

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