Austin Theory Says Vince McMahon Shows “Aggressive Respect”

WWE star Austin Theory sat down with Solo Wrestling to hype up his upcoming WrestleMania 38 match with Smackdown commentator Pat McAfee.

McAfee had previously wrestled for WWE as part of their NXT brand, but according to Austin Theory, he has seen none of McAfee's work.


"I've seen absolutely nothing with Pat McAfee," Theory said. "I refuse to see anything with his ugly face on it. But I'm sure at WrestleMania you'll get to see what really goes on with Pat in the ring."

WrestleMania 38 will be Austin Theory's second WrestleMania after he appeared at WrestleMania 36 two years ago. He was asked about the changes he's gone through in the two years since his first appearance.

"I like to say that I'm a constantly evolving person and I've always been on the lookout for improvement," Theory said. "I like to say that my name is Austin Theory because my personal theory is one of change, and theories always get better over time. So I'm sure they'll be able to see something much better."


Austin Theory was also asked about working onscreen with WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon. Theory claims to learn something new every time he is around the WWE's head honcho.

"I always learn something new when I'm around Vince," Theory said. "I usually get a lot of advice from him, and it's been a crazy process to be able to work with him on every show. I think the thing that has stayed with me the most, and this is something I've said in the past, is his aggressive respect towards anyone he approaches. Especially when someone comes up with ideas or shows passion towards something."