Big E Describes Feeling He And Kofi Kingston Have About Losing WWE Title To Brock Lesnar

WWE star Big E joined the second episode of Superstar Crossover to talk about both his WWE Championship run and fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship run in 2019.

Big E talked about how Kofi led by example as champion and handled his eventual loss and move back to the midcard, which Big E compared to his own post-WWE Title run, with grace and professionalism.

"The thing with Kofi is, he's not a guy who's going to pull you aside and lecture you, but he's someone who leads by action," Big E said. "That's what I love is, you know, I was able to see the way that he handled things with his title run and the way things ended.

"You know, it's interesting I'll say how our runs weren't too drastically different, you know? Kind of that falling off of a cliff feeling at the hands of one, Brock Lesnar, and then suddenly it just, it feels like you woke up a year prior and you're back to doing what you were doing before.

"But I'll say he's a guy who's handled it with grace. He's a guy who, you know, he didn't complain or he didn't show up to work pouting. He's a consummate professional and he's someone that I think like I said, he always leads by example."

Big E was also asked about who he felt was the most underrated mic worker in WWE right now. He pointed to one-half of the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions and a member of the Alpha Academy.

"I want to tip my hat off to Chad Gable and kind of see what he's done as of late," Big E said. "Because he's been that good for a while. But I think he's finally getting that opportunity to show how much of a personality he is and how good he is on the mic. So let's go with Gable even though I think people are starting to see how good he is."

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