Former WWE head writer and Young Rock executive producer Brian Gewirtz sat down with TV Insider to talk about the upcoming second season of Young Rock, which focuses on the childhood of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Gewirtz talked about the storytelling process of the show, which comes from The Rock telling the creative team stories from his past.

“It’s an embarrassment of riches,” Gewirtz said. “Our process involves this big story conference, where we meet in a big room with Dwayne telling all these stories from the past. Even stories as it relates to his dad, from what his dad has told him and (his mom) Ata as well. Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang have always been wrestling fans. Anyone who works on this show and across the board has become such a huge wrestling fan themselves. So when we shoot the wrestling stuff, those are the most fun days on set.”

Gewirtz also talked about how the upcoming season of Young Rock would show The Rock’s transition into the wrestling ring. He hinted that what fans saw in the trailer, including a tease for The Rock’s former WWE persona of Rocky Maivia, was just a bit of what’s to come.

“The trailer was a way to get fans excited,” Gewirtz said. “Without getting too into it, it’s definitely more than a fleeting moment. There are definitely going to be things fans of that era are going to walk away, feeling like, holy sh–!”

Brian Gewirtz also went through how he first met The Rock, which happened when he was working with MTV. Their relationship grew from there, till Gewirtz was The Rock’s personal writer while both were in WWE.

“I started out writing sitcoms,” Gewirtz said. “That was always my dream. I never thought about working for WWE. Mainly through an encounter working with Dwayne when I was working with MTV and we did these specials together, he is the one who asked me if I ever considered working for WWF at the time. The wheels were put in motion. I met him in July 1999, and he had already headlined a WrestleMania with Austin.

“His mindset was pretty much the same as now. He is not concerned about how many credits you have or what your background is. He is open to hearing ideas. He applied that mindset not only in his wrestling promos where it started but also in television shows and other projects. It’s always fun to create this season, putting the script together and reminiscing on all the times we would spend writing promos for WWE.”

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