Brock Lesnar may be the current WWE Champion, a multi-time WrestleMania headliner and a huge crossover star between his tenures in WWE and UFC. One thing he isn’t however is a guy that watches a lot of TV. In an appearance on The Michael Kay Show, Brock Lesnar reveals that he doesn’t watch that much TV, including UFC and other sports.

“I’m not a huge TV guy,” Lesnar said. “Never have been. Honestly, I haven’t. I tuned into the Super Bowl, didn’t catch the halftime show, but I did go back and watch it, I watched it on YouTube. But I never, like I don’t watch the UFC. Even when I was competing, I would go back and watch some of my film, but I never, you know, sat down and (watched). I can’t honestly say, maybe I’ve rented a half a dozen Pay-Per-Views.”

So what does Brock Lesnar watch on the rare occasion he does put the TV on? According to his answers, sitcoms. Lesnar revealed he was a fan of two sitcoms in particular, both from the 1990’s.

Seinfeld,” Lesnar said when asked what he watches. “I caught a little, catch a little bit of the Friends once a while.”

Brock Lesnar also revealed that he has a favorite Friends character.

“Is it Monica?” Lesnar asked.

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