On a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Deonna Purrazzo, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D., and Chelsea Green joined Dave LaGreca for a special interview to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The segment titled “Squared Circle Squad Goals” delved into the lives of the trio, and tapped into their current mindset in professional wrestling today. Britt Baker, who just last week lost her AEW Women’s World Championship to Thunder Rosa, spoke about still chasing the feeling of making it in the business.

“I think I’m still kind of chasing it to a degree,” Baker explained. “I definitely – I recognize my accomplishments and I’m thankful and I’m appreciative of just my self-growth. But I just wanna be so much bigger and better than I am now. I fall into the trap sometimes that I set goals that maybe are a little bit brutal to achieve sometimes. And I’m also really stubborn with my goals too, but that’s also why I’m a wrestler and a dentist. So I’m – In my mind, the best is yet to come.”

Chelsea Green also disclosed that she believes the best is yet to come for her and is still searching for that moment where she feels that she has made it in professional wrestling.

“I’ve not had that moment,” Chelsea said. “There’s no way I’ve had that moment. If I’ve had that moment, I’ll be very sad because I feel like I’m so close to what I want and then I’m like, maybe this isn’t the moment because I still feel the same. Then, like Britt said, I still have so many more goals and dreams for myself, and I want to be so much better, and I want to be so much bigger, and this isn’t it. You know, where I am right now is not it.

“I definitely did not realize that The Hot Mess was going to be so much like ridiculous and iconic as a crazy character. I did not realize that at that moment, so that definitely wasn’t it. All In was a really, really, really cool moment to be chosen by these huge names on the independent scene. To be chosen by The Bucks, and Cody, and Kenny as someone that deserved that spot out of only four or five women.

“That was a really huge moment for me and I will never forget. After getting pinned and just looking at the crowd being like, holysh*t, is that was success feels like? Because this feels like the best feeling in the world and I was so happy for like a week after.

“But then looking back, there is so much that I wanna do. That wasn’t it, and I tell you what, WWE wasn’t it. That wasn’t my moment. My fourteen seconds in the Royal Rumble wasn’t it. So what was it? I don’t know, I’m getting there. I’m getting closer and I do think when I got fired, there was a moment when I was contacted by all the companies I wanted to work for and I was just like, damn, they want me.

“That’s a really cool feeling. They want me. They think I’m good enough. They believe in me, and that’s something that I didn’t get at NXT, and I was really, really thankful and it gave me the confidence back, like, oh sh*t, I have kind of made it. I am a name people wanna see, Chelsea Green on their TVs.”

Green also noted that she and her husband Matt Cardona are still adjusting to life working with each other whilst keeping their own individual identities.

“I like working with him,” Chelsea Green said. “We did not work together for four years. We were like ships passing in the night. We had totally different schedules. We had never worked together in any capacity and so now, it’s really cool to be able to share all of this with him in a different way. In a way like – we have gone through things separately, and now we’ve come together to be a team. A literal tag team and a tag team in life, and everything. But, you know, it does come with its struggles, of course.

“Whether it’s best friends or a partner – when you put someone together at home, on the road, at work, in interviews, that’s a lot for anyone. So we’re learning to navigate this weird new life we’ve come up with. So, he’s ever-changing, right? So I’m kind of just doing my own thing and when I can join in with whatever it is his newest venture, I try to do it. I also try and keep my own identity. Like Britt said, it’s a very fine line and I’m working on it.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio with an h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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