Chris Jericho wrote “Sports Entertainment.” in response to a tweet from CM Punk on Wednesday.

As seen below, Punk simply tweeted “Pro wrestling.” after he defeated FTR in the opening contest of this week’s Dynamite. 

On last week’s show, Jericho debuted his new “Sports Entertainer” gimmick, while explaining why Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and 2point0 joined his Jericho Appreciation Society stable.

“We appreciate each other, we realized we can’t relate to the rest of the AEW roster,” Jericho said. “We aren’t like them, because they’re nothing more than pro wrestlers. A pro wrestler has never been legendary, a pro wrestler has never been a millionaire; and as a legendary millionaire many times over, the only reason I was able to do it is because I’m not a pro wrestler. I am a sports entertainer.”

During his AEW debut promo last August, CM Punk emphasized he was returning to pro wrestling for the first time since he left ROH in 2005.

“I look at it like this: August 13th, 2005, I left professional wrestling,” Punk said. “August 20th, 2021. I’m back.”

As noted earlier, Jericho promised to “future endeavor” Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston on this week’s Dynamite. The line was a reference to WWE wishing its former talents “all the best in their future endeavors” through statements and press releases.

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