CM Punk Watches Powerhouse Hobbs’ AEW Matches Back With Him

Powerhouse Hobbs says CM Punk has been a positive influence on his career since Punk arrived in AEW.

The two have only had one match against one another when Punk defeated Hobbs on the "Grand Slam" episode of AEW Rampage from Arthur Ashe Stadium last September, but their relationship has extended far beyond that one match.

"Punk is one of those dudes that, after every match that I have that airs, he always sits down and watches it with me," Hobbs told the Superstar Crossover podcast. "So we sit down together and we break down stuff. So he may get mad, but I told the whole world Punk's, you're that dude.

"But that match in Arthur Ashe in New York City in front of 20,000 plus people, it was crazy and that whole night had a special meaning to me and Punk knew that because it was about a month since my mom had passed away. So it's just emotions and everything was everywhere, you know?

Before the – I think right before the match got announced, or the day the match got announced, he pulled me aside, you know, and said, 'This is going to be for her. Don't worry about anything else, nobody else. It's just you, me, and her'. And for that, I will forever be grateful for."

Powerhouse Hobbs joined AEW in 2020. He's able to name a number of individuals who have served as mentors to him during his time in the company. Hobbs singled out one of them for having helped him the most.

"Probably my wrestling dad, Mark Henry," Hobbs said. "Billy Gunn gets on my case a lot and I'll tell a story about Billy Gunn. I had a match and I get back through Gorilla and I see Billy standing with his hands in his pockets and he gives me the nod and I get excited and I go over to talk to him and he just goes like this and I was just like, 'Alright'. And he gives me the smile, so Billy has been helpful.

"Dustin, FTR, Big Show has helped me out. There's a handful of guys that I can go to about specific things. Number one guy I go to about my spinebuster is Arn Anderson. So, like I put on Twitter, 'My Spinebuster is Double-A approved."

Powerhouse Hobbs also mentioned former WWE Champion Big E, who is currently recovering from a broken neck.

"He knows how I feel about him," Hobbs explained. "I wish him a speedy recovery. I'm gonna keep texting you and blowing you up like I do. If you need anything, call me. I want to see you get back in this ring, man. So take your time, get healthy, and do what you do, brother."

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