Colt Cabana Does Not Want An “Okada Match” With Kenny Omega

If there's one match AEW star and coach Colt Cabana would like to have, it's with former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega... but he doesn't want a serious match.

In an interview with the Going Broadway Podcast, Cabana revealed he would like to wrestle Omega in a comedy match, similar to the ones Omega had with a blow-up doll and a nine-year-old girl during his run with new AEW partner DDT (Dramatic Dream Team).

"I'm the number one fan of DDT wrestling, a nine-year-old girl, a blow-up doll, Kenny Omega," Cabana said. "I think that creative aspect of Kenny is great. I don't want to have the Okada match with Kenny Omega. I wouldn't have the Okada match with Kenny Omega. I think a lot of wrestlers want that with Kenny. I want the girl match; that would be something that I would want."

That's not the only goal Colt Cabana has, however. Unprompted, he revealed he'd also like to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome one day, teaming with New Japan Pro Wrestling star and former partner Toru Yano.

"And then on the flip side, I know this isn't in the question, but like, a goal that I've made for myself is I want to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome," Cabana said. "And I was very close to that. Yano and I were becoming a unit and I assume that's what it probably would've or could've lead to.

"I made a decision to stay in America and obviously, we just went over the pandemic, which was a great decision for me. But I think before it all kind of wraps up, or my potential or my body wraps up, I would love to tag with Yano in the Tokyo Dome. That's kind of one of my really last goals."

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