Danhausen Demands Tony Khan Sell ROH To Him

New AEW signee Danhausen was a recent guest on AEW Unrestricted, where he reflected on becoming part of the company.

The viral sensation looked back at how it all took place, from Ring Of Honor closing to him getting a great reaction from fans in AEW.


"Well, you know, Ring Of Honor closed and then Danhausen broke his leg, which was wonderful. What a wonderful time that was," he sarcastically said. "Then he just kind of rummaged around the internet for a while, showed up one day to say hello to people at AEW. It was quite nice, he said hello to lots of people.

"Then Danhausen went under the ring, I believe, he heard the reaction that Danhausen had gotten, and decided, 'you know what, it is time. Danhausen is all elite, he is very good, look at him point, nobody points quite like him.'"

Danhausen had previously asked ROH to buy a blimp for him, but that didn't happen. However, with Tony Khan now in charge of the company, he plans on providing a new list of demands for the new ROH owner.


"Shall get Tony, Danhausen will give him a new list of demands. Which of course is Danhausen owns ROH, which will be quite wonderful. Stick it to them. Not Tony, Dave Honor. Then Danhausen is going to write his own list of demands and write them off himself because he owns it. Then he can make himself the champion, and the Television Champion, and the Six-Man Tag Team ROH Champions, and the Tag Team Champions."

If Danhausen gets his way, there is something else that he would change about Ring Of Honor. For him, that would be changing the logo, as he hates the current one that they are using.

"Also, we must eliminate and eviscerate this tribal tattoo-looking logo they have. I hate it," he stated. "The worst, go back to the old one. Danhausen put the old one on his t-shirt because the other one is not good. It's cursed, absolutely cursed."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit AEW Unrestricted with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.