DDP Calls Cody Rhodes AEW Bout “The Best Match Of The Decade”

On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, compared the reactions that the Rhodes family gets to some that he and Hulk Hogan received in the past. This comes during the backdrop of speculation that Cody Rhodes will soon be rejoining WWE, and DDP believes regardless of where he goes, Cody will get that monster reaction.


"I was with Hulk before he went out in — where were we in — I want to say it was Montreal," DDP said. "It was the first time he would be coming back with the NWO thing to the WWF, or WWE, it was still WWF at the time. He has second-guessed, Elvis Presley second-guessed himself. But, you know, I know no matter what now, if I walked out on AEW, I don't care what arena I'm in, I'm gonna get that reaction. He's gonna get that reaction. Goldust is going to get that reaction. Cody's gonna get an unbelievable reaction wherever he ends up."

DDP also touched upon the first time Cody left WWE in 2016 and what he was doing in the immediate aftermath. He believes Cody's father, "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes would've been over the moon over what Cody has accomplished in the past few years.


"When he left Vince and when he was with WWE, and I don't know what he was making over there, but that spot he was in, knowing the business, I'm saying he was probably worth a half a million," DDP said. "450, 500,000 dollars a year, somewhere around there. He left that money because he believed in himself that much. And for him to have done that, and we followed him all through here.

"He came here. We did interviews with him. We followed him. I said, 'listen, let me just start filming you. My guys, they love you. They want to film you. It'll cost you nothing. Let's make some videos of what you're doing.' And then the whole All In thing happened. Dusty would've been, I just can't even imagine. I really can't even imagine how light on his feet he would've been, just walking on air watching Cody do what he did."

One of those things Cody Rhodes did after leaving WWE was wrestling his brother, Dustin Rhodes, in a classic match at AEW's first event, Double or Nothing. To this day, DDP believes that the match between the two was the match of the decade, a mixture of old and new school wrestling.

"That match was old school and new school mixed the way it needs to mix to really do something," DDP said. "Vince would've never given them that opportunity because he didn't believe in it. But he went out there and he proved it, and to me, it's the best match of the decade. The match that those two guys had was, you know, the fans. That's why I love the AEW fans. They remind me so much of the ECW fans, just different. But they were in it from the entrances to the finish. And those guys, it was blood, sweat, and tears. Like, for real, they just went out there and killed it."


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