Wrestling legend Gangrel was a recent guest on The Battleground Podcast.

The former Superstar discussed originally pitching The Brood to WWE, but the company was not interested. However, that thought process changed, creating what Gangrel believes was an organic faction.

“I pitched The Brood thing a lot, and not the name Brood or anything. But because of The Lost Boys movie. I kept saying, ‘we’d be like the cool if we were The Freebirds, but we are vampires.’ Not that The Freebirds weren’t cool, because they were my favorite six-man,” he said. “I loved The Freebirds. But I was just saying, ‘it doesn’t matter if you win or you lose every night. Vampires can get their butt kicked every night as long as they look cool doing it.’

“They were like, ‘we don’t get it,’ and I said, ‘it’ll work, it’ll work.’ I think Tom Pritchard was a little bit more hip to the hop, and he was in their ear a little bit and they did go with The Brood thing as a group. It was very cool, it organically just happened. A great entrance with my music, and then they just put us l together, and it didn’t last very long. It was a short, short run. People talk about it like it lasted forever, but it was just very special.”

Edge was a huge part of The Brood, which is something people recall fondly. Gangrel reveals that even back when they were created, WWE told him they had big plans for the young wrestler.

“They had told me when we were coming in, ‘hey, Edge is going to be our guy, we are going to strap a rocket to him, he’s going to the top,’ and to look out for him and stuff like that. The more The Brood got popular, they soon had to get him out of there, you know what I mean? Otherwise, it would have just been Brood, Brood, Brood,” Gangrel said. “He had to get on his own, so that’s that.”

Edge recently brought elements of The Brood back in WWE and Gangrel admitted he would be open to a reunion at some point. Revealing that Edge had to politic to get certain elements going.

“Oh hell yeah. To relive that magical moment, it probably wouldn’t have been as magic as it was the first time around, but it would have been amazing. It still would have been amazing,” he believes. “Edge is a great guy, he politicked for that. He told me, he politicked for like two-and-a-half months. Probably close to three to get that, what they call the Brood bath, and instead of the blood bath because of the networks. He said the networks didn’t want red, they wanted black blood, he tried to get me. But that didn’t go down for whatever reason. He was looking out for me.”

Gangrel also revealed that before Christian went to AEW, they were planning a reunion for a signing. He also praised Edge for what he did, as that helped boost his own podcast.

“Before he re-signed, we were trying to put together, before Christian went to AEW, a Brood reunion. Where we just went around together and do signings just strictly as The Brood,” he said. “So, we was going to do that. He’s a great guy, he’s the kind of guy that if I text him, I know that two minutes later I am going to get a text back, ‘hey, how’re you doing buddy?’

“He’s an amazing human being and I am so happy for him. I would have been honored and grateful to do that, it would have been cool to do my entrance. But I know Edge and from his heart what he was doing with all that, so that was amazing too. Hell, I have a little podcast now, and that helped push my numbers into where it’s making money and doing cool stuff. So it’s all good.”

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