Headbanger Mosh was a recent guest on the 80’s Wrestling Podcast, where he reflected on his career. He believes that The Headbangers were slightly before their time. Mosh thinks that if Thrasher wasn’t hurt, they would have played a bigger impact in the division.

“I think part of it also may have been, and this is just in my head, I think we were a little before our time, maybe. When we were there, that’s when they brought The Road Warriors back,” he said. “But right when Glenn got hurt is when they brought The Hardys in, Edge and Christian, and then The Dudley’s came in.

“Like, if Glenn was healthy, I think our part in the tag team scene would have been a lot better. Because we would have been more involved with all that. But then when Glenn got hurt and he came back so far out of shape, it kind of pushed us back to the bottom of the pile again.”

Headbanger Mosh also spoke about a modern-day team with FTR. While he admitted to not being too familiar with the current product, he is open to facing them. However, he also recalled one FTR member complaining online when The Headbangers were brought back in 2016.

“I know who they are, I know who you are speaking about, I may have seen a couple of their matches back in the day,” he said. “I know when we went back to WWE, on SmackDown in 2016, one of them made a comment on social media about, ‘bringing us old guys back while those guys sat in NXT rotting away.’

“They do have a good look. When I did see them before, they kind of reminded me of The Anderson’s, they have that look to them. I wouldn’t be opposed to working them. But, again, I don’t really watch the product, so I don’t know much about them.”

One section of Headbanger Mosh’s career saw him working the Beaver Cleavage gimmick. This was something he did because Thrasher was injured at the time. However, he was excited about that period, although he didn’t get along with the women he worked with.

“Well, the Beaver Cleavage thing was interesting, because Glenn was hurt, I was sitting at home doing nothing. I had never really wrestled singles,” he admitted. “The only singles matches I ever had was a couple of squash matches on WWF TV. And I think three of them down at the Monster Factory before Glenn and I started tagging. So, you know I was excited about that, because again, I had never really wrestled singles so I was looking forward to that. The part I didn’t like about it was the girl that they put me with. Her and I didn’t click.”

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