It is common these days for wrestlers to be asked who they put on their Mt. Rushmore of pro wrestling, and AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill is no exception. Asked to name her Mt. Rushmore in an interview with Complex Unsanctioned, Jade Cargill gave her answer with little hesitation.

“Chyna, yes,” Cargill said. “Jazz is freaking amazing. The Rock, I think everybody loves The Rock. And right now, Bryan Danielson. Bryan is f-cking awesome, guys. Like, he’s amazing. So that’s my top four.”

When it came to her list of dream matches, Jade Cargill’s answers were very similar. She would’ve loved to have a match against Chyna, who she stated is her number one dream match, and also wouldn’t mind having an intergender match with The Rock.

“The late Chyna would’ve been a dream match,” Cargill said. “We could talk about somebody who’s alive right now, Jazz would be a total dream match. If I could do inter-gender matches, probably a couple of them I would do. But if The Rock ever wanted to come over and get a piece of this and get his a– beat, I would love to get The Rock. Don’t make that clickbait, but I would love to. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot, and just having one match with him, I would learn that would take years to learn. But yeah, those are some dream matches. But the late Chyna would be the number one dream match. I probably would cry.”

Jade Cargill also commented on the opinion of some fans that would prefer to see her in WWE over AEW. While Cargill admitted there was a glitz and glamor factor to WWE, she’s happy with her decision to go to AEW and believes they have pushed and trusted her in a way that WWE never would’ve.

“I’m indifferent about it,” Cargill admitted. “I think AEW, we have more hardcore wrestling fans and I think WWE is more of the glitz and glamor, which I love that. Obviously, I’m about the glitz and glamor and I could see how that would be an easier pill to swallow for fans than for me to be at such a hardcore wrestling base like AEW. But I like where I’m at. I made a choice, I stuck with my choice and I would never, ever, ever, ever get the debut that I got here at AEW if I had gone to WWE. Like, I would never.

“Could I have been more polished? Maybe, I can see that. But I would have never had a debut like that. I would have never gotten the push I got. Maybe in like six years because they have such a cookie-cutter system and I would have never been emerged until someone was either pushed out, or something happened. And that’s how you have to look at things. I felt accepted. It was great that I had the opportunity to go there, but I also had the choice. I would have never got a better opportunity than me coming to AEW. So I think I’m very good where I’m at. I’m homegrown talent and I take a lot of pride in that.”

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