Jeff Hardy On What’s Next Following AEW Debut

AEW star Jeff Hardy answered some questions at a recent Signed By Superstars virtual signing, including questions on his recent debut in AEW this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. Jeff Hardy described his arrival in AEW as feeling extremely right.

"It was great," Hardy said. "You know, it's always like, nerve-wracking to appear in a new world. But after I went out there and felt the energy of the people, man, it felt extremely right."

Jeff Hardy immediately reunited with brother Matt Hardy on Dynamite, saving him from Matt Hardy's old stable the HFO. Jeff confirmed the current plans are for him and Matt to team again for one last run, one which Jeff believes will be their best yet.

"For now, definitely teaming with Matt again," Hardy said. "It's going to be the last run and is going to be the best one."

While teaming with Matt Hardy is in his future, Jeff Hardy didn't outright dismiss the possibility of a singles run down the road. He was asked about what theme music he would use in the event of a future singles push.

"Possibly bringing another...back from TNA," Hardy said. "Or, you know what would be really cool? If they could get the rights to 'No More Words' because I was so excited to come back out to that."

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