During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, AEW commentator Jim Ross spoke about Tony Khan not following in Vince McMahon’s footsteps by getting himself involved in storylines or on-screen angles.

Ross also revealed a conversation he and Khan had backstage with a talent about wanting the finish to their match without a pinfall or submission and how they convinced that talent otherwise.

“I don’t envision Tony ever doing a wrestling skit,” Ross said. “He books things that he wants to see. As long as he’s still as big of a fan as he is. We made a big deal the other day about having a count-out or a DQ [to finish a match] and I admire that we stood our ground, why do we change? Do we really believe that in 2022 that a DQ will salvage the face of the guy losing? It’s silly, isn’t it?”

With the recent news coming out that AJ Styles has re-signed with the WWE for more than $3 million per year, Ross spoke about wrestlers nowadays making more money than ever before. The AEW commentator mentioned how many talents made a million or more guaranteed back in the day.

“There’s so many guys now making over a million dollars guaranteed in the pro wrestling business,” Ross said. “It’s unprecedented. I remember one time on one of my rosters we had 20 something guys make over a million in one calendar year. WWE for sure [has more than that today]. More people are making seven figures annually today than in the entirety of pro wrestling, in the history of the business.”

Jeff Hardy created a buzz when he was caught on camera saying he’s “going to AEW” during an interview backstage at his concert. Hardy won’t be able to sign with AEW until March 9 and shot down his quotes from the interview on social media. Although the interview was seen as a closed-door conversation made public, Ross spoke about why he thinks Jeff is coming AEW.

“I think Jeff Hardy’s coming to AEW, I don’t want to say it’s the [worst kept secret], to have the Hardyz here for their last major tag team run is a bookers dream,” Ross said. “I think because The Young Bucks idolized The Hardyz forever, to have that opportunity at some point in time, is a match that if I was retired, I’d want to come out of retirement to call that one.”

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