Kylie Rae Provides Update On Concussion Recovery

NWA star Kylie Rae stopped by the Going Broadway Podcast to talk about her recovery process after she suffered a concussion last month.

While she is still recovering, Rae revealed she's doing much better after a month and is already training to get back into the ring.

"Yeah, so much better," Rae said. "Although I was a little wheezy at training this past Tuesday evening, but I think that was because of the black eye. I probably shouldn't have gotten in the ring. So towards the tail end of the training, I kind of stepped back and I was like 'okay, I'm gonna start listening to my body', because a couple of years ago I had the habit of just ignoring all the signs my body is trying to tell me that it's breaking down."

A recent guest on the Going Broadway Podcast was AEW star and coach Colt Cabana. Rae talked glowingly about Cabana and how he was the reason she went to her first-ever independent wrestling event.

"Colt Cabana was the reason why I went to my first independent wrestling show before I started training because he was advertised on the show," Rae said. "Yeah, up in Orlando. He's just so entertaining. Like he's so good at what he does. It really like drew me in to like, what he was doing and just independent wrestling as a whole. So I completely feel you on that from where it started to where it is now, it's just a true testament to like, who he is, not just as a person, but also his mind for wrestling. It's just, it's so cool."

Kylie Rae also praised current independent wrestler Athena, best known to fans as Ember Moon from WWE. She credited Athena's first run on the independent circuit and the moves she was doing as inspiring Rae to improve her own wrestling skill.

"When I first started training, she wasn't at WWE yet, but it was like shortly thereafter," Rae said. "I would go back and watch her matches from like the indies and I would try to replicate the stuff that she did. She was doing stuff that not a lot of, I feel bad like, separating men and women, but there are some things that we're just not able to do as far as like strength and agility, yadda yadda. But the stuff that she was doing, it showed me 'hey, this is possible. Like me, as a female, I can do this as well.'"

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