Lince Dorado Comments On Heated Exchanges With Izzy’s Dad

In an appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, former WWE star Lince Dorado detailed the social media exchanges that took place between him and the father of WOW personality Izzy, Cody Silagyi.

According to Dorado, the exchanges stemmed from years ago when Dorado was critical of Silagyi for allowing Izzy to take a chokeslam at a wrestling event. After that, things calmed down until Dorado was released from WWE, prompting Silagyi to sarcastically comment on the situation.


"I got released, stayed off my phone, right?" Dorado said. "Because I just wanted a complete disconnect. Then the next morning I was going to the gym at 5:30 A.M. and one of my boys had screenshotted what Izzy's dad said saying 'good luck in your future endeavors :).' Like basically poking me. I said 'okay.' This was at 5:30. I said 'at 7:00 in the morning, I'm going to tweet him, @ him.'

"So then I said 'I'm going to be the first thing that this dude reads when he wakes up. 7:00 A.M. I'm going to tweet him where I'm going to be at. I'm going to tweet him 'hey, let's come have this conversation like men. Come show up, let's talk.' I didn't say anything about fighting or anything like that. 'If you want to talk, please say this to my face, but understand, there's consequences when you talk.'"


After tweeting that, Lince Dorado went off to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, thinking nothing of it. He was then stunned afterward by the amount of attention the tweet received but decided to embrace the role of calling out Silagyi, who he referred to as a bully.

"My phone just blew up," Dorado said. "And I was like 'what the heck? My phone never blows up. Nobody blows up Lince Dorado's tweet because they don't know that he's got a Twitter or they don't know he speaks English, so I'm not gonna read what he says.' On this day, they were like 'I'm gonna read it' and they were like, apparently, this guy was an a–hole to a lot of other dudes and females.

"And I was like 'you know what? I know what it's like to stand up to bullies. Like, I'll be your bully stand. I'll be your shield. I got you.' This guy is done really being a piece of sh-t, not only to me but to all my friends and to wrestling in general. I don't want to go to a show and be like 'oh my God, this a–hole is here. No. Let's nip it in the bud. Let's talk, let's just have a conversation because I'm not going to come into the same room with you and be fake with you.'"

Dorado then detailed how he tried to get Silagyi to meet him face to face, even buying him tickets for an event. Ultimately Silagyi apologized over social media and deleted his accounts, prompting Dorado to say he was done with the situation.


"So then I said 'let me buy him some tickets,'" Dorado said. "I bought four tickets. One for him, one for his wife, one for his daughter, and one for the a– whooping I was going to give him just in case I wanted to give him the a– whooping. I took a picture of it and I tweeted him. I said 'hey, now you've got no excuse. Be a man. Show up. You ain't gotta pay for nothing. Let's f-cking talk. That's all I want to do.'

"Then this dude messaged me the same apology he put out on Twitter and I said 'no, you've got to talk to me in my face. This bullsh-t, I don't have words, I don't have words through conversation, or text. Come talk to me like a man to my face.' And then he wrote '#apology' and he put it out there and deleted his social. At the end of the day, I was like 'one for the good guys. F-ck that bully. We're done with him.' I just never brought it up again because it's not worth it."

Despite the heat with her Silagyi, Lince Dorado has nothing against Izzy herself. While he still disagrees with her taking a bump as a child, Dorado wants to see her succeed in wrestling.

"I want her to be successful," Dorado said. "I don't ever want anybody because of some sh-tty mistake that their parents made like I want her to successful. I just cannot support the idea of a child taking a bump. And if you don't like that idea, you want to chastise me for years, just know that 'yo, I'm gonna get you, dog.'"


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