During the latest episode of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar spoke about Jeff Hardy breaking his leg during their time as the TNA World Tag Team Champions in 2015.

Jeff broke his leg during a motocross accident on his own property and Hardy revealed what his immediate reaction was when he got to the hospital.

“I think I was like ‘what the f*** man.’ That’s probably what my reaction was,” Hardy said. “It’s one of those things too like dude, you’re too old to be going crazy. He is a stunt man, he’s the first one to say it, that’s what makes him happy and I’m not going to deprive anyone of happiness in their life if they want to do other things or whatnot. Maybe he should’ve went for a 50-foot jump as opposed to a 100-foot triple jump.”

“I knew when I first got a call from him that he was going to be gone for a while. When he had a broken leg and they had to surgically go in there and correct it, I knew it was going to be a long time.

Matt Hardy spoke about the frustrations surrounding his brother and situations like this given Jeff’s history of being an enigma. With rumors still surrounding Jeff Hardy becoming All Elite, the Charismatic Enigma officially became a free agent today and is able to sign with AEW at any moment.

“It’s very frustrating,” Hardy said. “There’s been times with Jeff where Jeff is Jeff and I’ve just learned to accept that and it is what it is. I feel like now he’s in the best place he’s been in his life in a long long time, probably for the last 20 years. But even back then, Jeff was so unpredictable, he’s always been unorthodox. When people call him Enigma, that’s not like a gimmick. He’s very much an enigma.”

“It’s frustrating, especially when it creates effects on you in the workplace, that’s what’s frustrating about it. If we weren’t tag team champions, it’s no big deal, live your life and if you end up doing something that breaks your leg it is what it is but once he’s tied to me and we have an obligation to do this together it can be frustrating.

Matt Hardy continued to talk about the reaction backstage from people inside TNA at the time, mentioning how Jeff’s changed since this time.

“I’m sure people were frustrated,” Hardy said. “Like, why is Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy? Especially at that point and now I feel like he’s a lot more responsible than he’s ever been and he’s kind of accepted that he needs to be a little bit more in control of his actions outside of the ring. He’s less erratic for sure.”

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