Ariel Helwani welcomed AEW wrestler MJF to The Ariel Helwani Show this week to talk about a range of topics, including the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring watching WWE.

During the conversation, The Salt of the Earth openly admitted that he watches Vince McMahon‘s promotion each week. He also revealed that he thinks the product is great and loves what they’re doing.

“See I think WWE is doing great,” MJF said. “I love everything WWE is doing. I just think we [AEW] is fresh, and we have fresh faces that people haven’t seen before. I think everything right now that Bruce Prichard and Vince are putting out there is absolutely incredible. I love it.

“I love NXT 2.0, I love RAW, I love SmackDown. I love what Roman’s doing. Roman’s putting out some great. Paul Heyman, a fellow member of the tribe, absolutely killing it. Sorry about what’s going on with Brock, you deserve better than that. I think that they’re putting out a great product.”

When asked about the plethora of WWE releases over the last couple of years, MJF offered some advice to those wrestlers who received their notice from the company.

“I think that that’s a moment where you have to look in the mirror and go, OK it’s sink or swim time,” Friedman stated. “Am I as great as I think I am? Because If I am, I can go elsewhere and shove it to Vince and Triple H, or whoever decided to let me go.

“So again, let’s go back to Tough Enough [when MJF sent in his tape when he was 19 years old], they didn’t want none of MJF at that point. ‘OK, here’s the chip on my shoulder. I’m gonna make you swallow it.’ And that’s what I did. So these guys are all great talents. I’m sure that they’re good dudes.

“If they’re as good as I think they are, then they’re going to make it, aren’t they? Whether they go to New Japan. Whether they go to Ring of Honor which is now owned by us. Whether they go to IMPACT Wrestling. Whether they go to the independent circuit and get huge. Look at Zack Ryder [Matt Cardona].”

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