AEW Removes Wardlow From The Roster Page Of Its Website

One night after MJF declared that Wardlow would be forced to sit out the remainder of his contract, the story has continued with AEW removing Mr. Mayhem from the roster page on their official website. To the shock of no one, this has pleased MJF greatly.


The AEW star took to Twitter to point out to fans that Wardlow was nowhere to be found on the AEW website. He naturally followed it up with a supervillain-style laugh in Twitter form.

"Where's Wardlow?!?" MJF mockingly asked. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

This is the latest development in the long-running story between the former Pinnacle teammates, which began three years ago when MJF first brought Wardlow to AEW as his muscle. The relationship has slowly deteriorated in the years since and officially cratered at AEW Revolution when Wardlow helped CM Punk defeat MJF in a Dog Collar match.

The Face of the Revolution ladder match winner quickly attempted to distance himself from the Pinnacle and his employer on the post-Revolution AEW Dynamite, only for MJF to cost Wardlow his match for the TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky the next week.


This all led to last night's Dynamite, where MJF declared Wardlow would sit out the remainder of his contract with the Pinnacle leader at home.