RAW Superstar Cried When The Rock Called Him a future World Champion

As noted earlier, The Rock predicted last month that RAW Superstar Montez Ford will be a World Champion in the future.

The Rock made his prediction while responding to a clip of Ford taking about how much The Great One meant to his childhood. The Rock wrote on Instagram: "...When you become world champion one day, I'll be right there rooting ya on. ✊🏾"

In a recent interview with the Bleav in Pro Wrestling PodcastFord revealed he cried a little when he read The Rock's comments on social media.

"I can't even put into words [how much The Rock's words meant to me]. But, I did cry a little bit," Ford said. "I ain't gonna lie, you know? Cause it was a big, it was big for me man. It's just cool to see your heroes recognize you and say like, 'Hey man, I see you man.' And I appreciate that. I still do, like, to this day. Because like I said, I've been through a lot of stuff in my life. And Rock has been there, in his own way, just him being himself. He's been there and helped me to be who I am today and inspired me to who I am today. The successes, everything."

Looking ahead to this weekend's WrestleMania 38, Ford said himself and his fellow WWE roster members are all rooting for each other to create special moments.

"We're basically like a bitter family," Ford said. "Like we all love each other, but all of us still want to be champion and everybody wants to be the best. And I think that's what just makes the hunger and competitiveness and everything so well rounded and we create these special moments. Cause everybody just wants to do well and go out there and just have bangers, man. Like when you have so many people around you that have that mentality, you have no choice but to go out there and create these moments. So, it's cool, man. It's cool."

Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits will face Alpha Academy and RK-Bro in a Triple Threat Match for the RAW Tag Titles this Sunday at WrestleMania 38.

Meanwhile, The Rock is expected to return to the ring for WrestleMania 39. You can click here for the report on The Great One's status for next year's event in Los Angeles.

H/T to SK Wrestling for the transcription