Nikki ASH Teases Formation Of “League Of Almost Super Heroes”

Former Raw Women's Champion Nikki ASH has teased the idea of forming her own stable. ASH revealed on Twitter that during Monday Night Raw she was scouting and accompanied her message with an image of herself and Doudrop.


"Scouting for my League of Almost Super Heroes (L.A.S.H) last night. Thank you to # karenperezbeauty (IG) for HMUA"

Doudrop competed against Bianca Belair in singles action on the show, ultimately being defeated. She had Nikki ASH accompany her after both made it clear that heroes don't use weapons. This was in reference to Belair having her hair as a whip. It is unclear whether or not they will continue working together.

Of course, both Doudrop and Nikki ASH are Scottish wrestlers, which creates a connection. Neither woman has a match set for WrestleMania 38 but the Women's Tag Team Championships are being defended. Nikki has held those titles twice in the past, once with Rhea Ripley, and another time with Alexa Bliss.


At WrestleMania 38, Carmella and Zelina Vega will be defending against Liv Morgan and Ripley, as well as Sasha Banks and Naomi. But more teams could end up being added to that match in order to get people on the card. Plus, Nikki has been feuding with her former partner, Rhea, since they split.

Nikki ASH recently spoke to WWE After the Bell where she admitted that pitching the superhero character was a hail mary. She believes a change was needed at the time, so much so that Nikki commissioned an artist to draw the idea.

"Yeah, it really felt like alright this is it, this is the hail mary as you say," Nikki said. "It's so weird nobody has asked me that. I think it was and it was that hail mary moment, there needed to be a change and that was really apparent to me. That was really apparent to me right around the Royal Rumble.

"We told this fun story on social media and on digital about me qualifying for the match and we made a story out of that. Right around the Royal Rumble, it was so clear and so apparent that there needed to be a change and that was it. I spent hours and hours researching this idea and getting this pitch right. And I commissioned this artist to draw up what Nikki A.S.H would be as a cartoon character."