Paige VanZant Gives Update On When She Hopes To Make AEW In-Ring Debut

AEW star Paige VanZant may have been close to being WWE star Paige VanZant not too long ago.

In an appearance on The MMA Hour, VanZant told host Ariel Helwani that she had spoken to WWE in the past, and was even at their training center a year or so ago. Ultimately, however, she chose AEW, who VanZant says said all the right words to get her to join.

"I went down to their (WWE) training center about a year ago," VanZant said. "I did have some things in the works, but then AEW kind of said what they needed to say and they had all the right words to get me to come over to the AEW."

Paige VanZant is currently training for her AEW in-ring debut with long-time wrestling star Gangrel. When asked when she'll be ready, VanZant revealed the goal is to step into the ring in the next few months.

"Perfect world here, in the next few months, honestly," VanZant said. "I think that between the coaches and between everybody seeing as quickly as I'm picking it up, I truly believe that I'll be ready to get in there here in a month or two."

Paige VanZant has already been featured on AEW TV in preparation for her debut, including signing her AEW contract on top of AEW star Tay Conti. VanZant believes that is an ideal first match for her given her background in MMA and Conti's background in Judo.

"I would love to go in there and make a statement against her," VanZant said. "I know she's got a black belt in Judo, so she does come from a combat sports world. I think it would be the perfect match-up for me and her to go against each other. It's great, every place for me to make my name off of someone who, you know, has been in the AEW as a pro wrestler, but also comes from my world."

To quote this article, please credit The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription