Paul Heyman Responds To MJF Calling Their Potential On-Screen Pairing “A Match Made In Heaven”

AEW star MJF floated the possibility of a future on-screen pairing with Paul Heyman during his appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show.

"I think it would be a match made in heaven [if they were able to work together]," MJF said. "He and CM Punk was a little bit mid, but me and Paul Heyman – that would be major, for sure. I mean, that's huge."


On Wednesday, Heyman appeared on Helwani's MMA Hour podcast to discuss all things WrestleMania 38. When asked about MJF's comments, Heyman admitted that a pairing with MJF won't be happening anytime soon, but he expects to bump into the young AEW star at some point.

"Right now he's in a very enviable spot in an upstart promotion that has tremendous financing and excellent distribution," Heyman said of MJF. "We'll see what the future holds for him. I'm sure, at some point in this life, we're gonna bump into each other."

When asked if he's impressed with MJF, Heyman lauded the AEW star's skills to cut a promo.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be? He's very credible on the mic," Heyman said. "Incredible is not a compliment. Incredible means he's not credible. He's credible. He's very good at what he does. He's very young and he has a big future ahead of him."


Heyman was then asked if MJF openly discussing his AEW contract status was a bad idea.

"In his position, no," Heyman responded. "Where he's working right now, no. Where he wants to work in the future, no. It's not bad business at all. For what he obviously views his trajectory to be, for what he obviously views his future to be? Not bad business at all. Pretty smart, I might even say. Not even might, I would say he's pretty smart. And I will. It was pretty smart."

H/T to Cageside Seats for the transcription

You can watch Paul Heyman's appearance on the MMA Hour below. Heyman can be heard speaking about MJF starting from the 29:40 mark.