Veteran WWE Superstar Randy Orton says he could see a Hall of Famer like Triple H or Ric Flair induct him into the WWE Hall one day, but he could also see John Cena doing the induction.

Orton was recently stopped by Adam Glyn of the Adam’s Apple YouTube show, and asked about which wrestler would induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future.

My wife actually just brought that up the other day, and we were thinking about it and it was kind of funny because we didn’t know who would be the guy,” Orton said. “Hunter came up, and Cena came up, Flair came up, but you know, I don’t know if I could get Cena to come in from Hollywood to do it. Maybe he could do it virtually, I don’t know.”

Orton was then asked which wrestler took him under their wing and made him feel at home when he started out with WWE in 2001.

“I think Triple H probably prepared me the most, for the life,” he said.

Orton was also asked if he will get into acting and take the Hollywood route once his in-ring career slows down.

“You know, I’m a homebody, I don’t think that would be the lifestyle for me,” Orton said. “I like my schedule with the WWE right now, so I see [me] riding off into the sunset, still wearing my wrestling boots.”

Regarding his in-ring future coming to an end and retirement, Orton, who turns 41 on April 1, said he thinks he has another 10 years left.

“I just turned 40 a year ago, I got another decade in me, you know. We’ll see,” Orton said.

Orton also talked about why he sees Madison Square Garden as the most special arena he’s wrestled in. You can see the full interview below.

Orton will be in action during tonight’s WWE RAW opener as he and Riddle challenge RAW Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy in a Triple Threat that will also feature Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

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