On the latest episode of his podcast, Cafe de Rene, former WWE star Rene Dupree talked extensively about his former boss, WWE owner, and chairman Vince McMahon.

In particular, he offered a peek into how McMahon views others’ looks, why McMahon has pushed someone like Kevin Owens despite not having the appearance Vince wants, and why McMahon can’t compare to his own father, Vince McMahon Sr.

“He (Vince) has an aura to him, very intimidating guy,” Dupree said. “But he’ll turn his back on you, like, you can never read the guy. I could never fully understand him. I know a big part of being a top guy for him is the way you look, right? It surprises me that some of the guys, like Kevin Owens. I don’t understand that. He must have so much respect for Pat Patterson because I know for a fact Pat pushed this guy just simply because he’s French Canadian from Quebec, right? I think Triple H likes the guy too.

“But because I just saw how he dislikes overweight people, right? To him that’s like, laziness, that’s no disciple, right, gluttony. But I don’t know. All I know is that sometimes, I don’t know, I’d have a hard time believing him. I take his word with a grain of salt. And his dad was the exact opposite. My dad worked for Vince Sr. Oh yeah, yeah. My dad is like me, he hates everybody. But there are two guys that bring a smile to his face, it was Vince Sr and Killer Kowalski.”

Dupree also recounted a time when he spotted McMahon staring at him as he was warming up prior to Dupree’s match at WrestleMania 20, saying it freaked him out.

“WrestleMania 20, I think we had a four-way tag match, right?” Dupree said. “And that week there, I was in the gym twice a day. I would go because we stayed at the Marriott, I think. They always have bada– hotel gyms. So I wake up, 5:00 AM every morning, write my name, do my cardio every morning, right?

“So that week there, I was looking f-cking (good), go watch. I mean, I always look good, but I mean I was extra good that week, right? As I’m getting ready for the match, right, I’ve got my baby oil on and I’m pumping up. Vince is staring at me and this freaked me the f-ck out. ‘Ah yeah, he’s gonna puke.’ I was like ‘okay dude, I’m into bodybuilding too, but you’re really into bodybuilding.’ Kind of freaked me out, the way he was staring at me, right?”

Rene Dupree, who has said in the past WWE offered him a lot of money to return, also discussed his last encounter with Vince McMahon when he appeared backstage at a WWE taping in Corpus Christi. When he saw McMahon, Dupree said that McMahon gave him the death stare.

“I showed up one more time,” Dupree said. “Corpus Christi, Pat Patterson was there. He says ‘just go talk to Vince. Go talk to Vince for me.’ I looked him and I go ‘I don’t, I don’t know.’ Then I woke up and Pat ran at me with these big like ‘don’t leave.’ He gave me a big hug and I said ‘okay.’ Then I passed Vince in the hallway and Vince just gave me that death stare.

“I can understand. He just spent probably over six figures on getting me rehabilitated, but sorry Vince. All those stupid f-cking games you played, you know, when you’re sending your guys out there, not going to mention any names — D-Von Dudley — to bash my head open with a f-cking stick. I just needed a break. [The Chris Benoit] double murder-suicide was the icing on the cake.”

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