In an interview with The MackMania Podcast, Renee Paquette was asked about whether she still receives creepy DM’s when using Twitter. Renee Paquette revealed that she fortunately no longer has to deal with that, due to a combination of quality filters on social media, not going through her DM’s much, and only allowing a select few DM’s to be seen.

“I feel like I have had my quality filters on all of social media for so long that I kind of don’t see it that much anymore,” Paquette said. “I also don’t go through my DMs. Like,I only see the ones from the people that I follow or if it’s someone with a blue checkmark or something. But otherwise, I don’t really see them. That is great peace of mind. I couldn’t imagine being, ‘I wonder what’s in here,’ and scrolling through it. Because, like, ‘holy sh-t.’ It would either be people asking me weird questions about Jon, or like spewing hate at me, or like wanting a picture of my feet.”

Renee Paquette was also asked if there was any potential for her opening an account on the OnlyFans service, like several wrestling personalities, including former WWE star Toni Storm. While Paquette has no issue with anyone going that route, she doesn’t believe it’s for her.

“I don’t feel like my personality necessarily gels with that,” Paquette admitted. “Like, I don’t know. I think for the people that it works for, hell yeah. Get out there, make that money. Do the thing that makes you happy, by all means. I just think if all of a sudden, I signed up for OnlyFans, people would be like, ‘no, I think I’m good.’ I don’t think I want you to see that. I don’t think that people need that sexier side of me. Also, it’s like, I don’t know. There’s like a goofiness to me. Me doing, like, a legit sexy photo, I’m like sweating right now thinking about it. No one needs it.”

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