Rey Mysterio Reveals The Secrets To His In-Ring Longevity

In an interview with Complex, WWE star Rey Mysterio was asked about his health. The 47 year old Rey Mysterio has been wrestling for nearly 33 years and racked up a ton of injuries, notably in his left knee, during that time. That said, he revealed his knees are feeling good, largely thanks to stem cell treatment that has extended his longevity.


"They've been feeling really good," Mysterio said. "I started this treatment, which I've been doing since roughly around 2012, with stem cells. I did a very large treatment on my full body in 2019 in Colombia. And that has been my fountain of youth. It's been helping me tremendously. Obviously, my knee has been my worst problem throughout my career. Thank God, and knock on wood, my back and my neck have always been stable. I've had two torn biceps, one on each arm. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. But this stem cell treatment has given me more years of longevity, more years to be able to do what I love and share special moments with my son in the ring. It's given me the opportunity to keep doing what I do best."


While treatments have helped, that's not the only thing that has prolonged Rey Mysterio's longevity. He talked about adapting over the years in order to not put so much pressure on his body, while still being the same Rey Mysterio fans enjoy.

"I've learned throughout the years how to adapt and make things exciting for my fans, so I can still be Rey Mysterio but not putting so much pressure on my body," Mysterio said. "I go back and watch a lot of old videos just trying to study how I ended up with so many knee surgeries, especially on the left one, because my right one is surgery-free. But I've learned to adjust, how to make things exciting. I don't do things that I know are going to hurt me, but I can still do things that keep fans up on their feet."

Rey Mysterio is one of many luchadores who has continued to wrestle well into their 40's and 50's at a high level, joining the likes of former WCW co-worker LA Park (56 years old) and CMLL star Negro Casas (62 years old). According to Mysterio, bumping flat has also helped him continue on at a high level.

"Yeah, "bumping flat" is actually a good way to put it," Mysterio said. "Anything that I do where I land on my knees or use a springboard motion to jump or hop, will eventually wear on me. Any move where I have to push off or land flat on my feet will affect my knees eventually. I've gotten away from all of those things and keep it exciting in my own way."