Triple H And Ric Flair Are Not Speaking At The Moment

During the latest episode of the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast, the Nature Boy spoke about his relationship with Triple H.

It's been reported that Triple H will not be involved in this year's WWE WrestleMania. Since dealing with a cardiac event in the Fall, Triple H hasn't been involved much with the WWE as of late and still has yet to take back over NXT 2.0 or be seen at the Performance Center.

As someone who has called Triple H one of his "best friends" numerous times, Flair talked about Triple H's current lack of involvement with the company. The Nature Boy also spoke more about their relationship now compared to how it was back in the day when he referred to Triple H as one of his best friends in the world.

"I have no idea either," Flair said, regarding Triple H's current standing with WWE. "He and I were incredibly close and now I never hear from him so I don't know."

Flair also addressed the rumor that Vince McMahon, at 76-years-old, is going to wrestle Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38. He gave his opinion on the match and why he's looking forward to watching Vince wrestle in his mid-70s.

"I think it's great that he's doing it," Flair said. "He's making a statement for all of us that are older. I could wrestle right now too but I've got blood thinners as a result of that blood clot so that kind of eliminates me from wrestling. I can get off them for a couple of days if I had to get in shape but I would never get in as good of shape as he does."

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