It Sounds Like NJPW Is Open To Supershow With AEW

Doc Gallows and Rocky Romero spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman earlier today on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about the Forbidden Door.

Gallows believes it has made things exciting within the sport and pointed out that he and Karl Anderson want to take over Bullet Club once again.


"I think that ever since this, and I don't even know if I'm allowed to talk about it," he questioned. "Now this Forbidden Door has opened, and the world has started to open back up, it's a really exciting for us. It was really cool to go to Resurgence in LA and reestablish the Good Brothers dominance, as our plan was coming into fruition.

"Our long-term plan to take back over Bullet Club. Chicago is one of the greatest wrestling markets in this country, one of the loudest cities that there are, so it takes a lot for Machine Gun and I to get our blood boiling these days. But we are super pumped to be in the Windy City for the first time ever representing New Japan Pro Wrestling."

Both men also discussed the possibility of Bullet Club in AEW.


"We saw Jay, Jay was just in AEW and he was mixing it up with Cole and getting into all that," said Romero.

"We have to time to let our stories play out young grasshopper," Gallows told Hausman.

Rocky Romero also spoke about the potential of an AEW vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling show. He admits to knowing that the fans want to see it happen. However, he stressed the logistics of it are not easy.

"I mean, anything is possible, for sure. I know that is what the fans want," he stated. "It's definitely still really difficult for us because we are two touring brands in two different countries. We've got the US touring brand, and the Japanese touring brand, which is constantly touring. It's just hard logistic-wise for sure. But if AEW is open to it, I think New Japan would be open to it as well."

Both Gallows and Romero will be involved in a new Web3 animation studio, Toonstar, and Mila Kunis' Sixth Wall are launching a new animated series about the world of wrestling. Sort of a 'South Park meets WWE' also voiced by former Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson and nZo Amore.

"The Gimmicks" is written by "The Daves," Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright (Family Guy, The Simpsons).

The series features cutting-edge, never seen before NFT interactivity. And the NFTS ARE FREE!! In an effort to open up this medium to new fans and the "crypto-curious," NFTs will be free to mint & available on March 18 via The Gimmicks website.


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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