During the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, wrestling legend Sting spoke with the press about his table bump. During the tornado trios match, the Hall Of Famer leaped from the balcony, crashing down onto Andrade through several tables in a crazy spot. He admitted he’s never done anything that high. However, his adrenaline was pumping at the time.

“Oh man, what was it like? That was probably the highest one I’ve ever done through tables like that. So, I mean my heart was pumping pretty good,” Sting admitted. “But at the same time, my adrenaline was pumping, the crowd is going crazy and it becomes a little easier at that point. So, exciting, exciting stuff.”

Since coming back to the business, Sting has competed in a variety of matches for AEW. However, he revealed that initially, he did not expect to do that. Sting actually questioned what he would bring to the company. But a conversation with Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan led to him doing more than cinematic bouts.

“No, I’ll just be straight up with everybody,” on if he thought he’d be wrestling these matches. “I talked to Tony and I said, ‘I’m not sure really what I have to offer, because I’m not going to have these long 20-30 minute matches against these young guys. So, what do you have in mind?’ He said, ‘how about cinematic matches, would you be interested in those?’ And I said, ‘yeah, I think I could do that.’

“We got halfway through the filming of that one and Cody Rhodes, followed by Tony are like, ‘your kinetic energy is still really amazing. You can still go, you could have a real match.’ That’s where it all started. Matter of fact, Cody, he texted me today. He said, ‘it’s game day,’ and I said, ‘it started with kinetic energy comments.’ But no, I didn’t think I would be in here doing this. But I am having so much fun. I feel like I am in good hands, and it’s great being with Darby.”

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