As guests on the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, veteran WWE Superstars The Authors of Pain joined the show to talk about their time in WWE as the RAW Tag Team Champions.

The former Authors of Pain (Gzim) and Akam (Sunny) detailed how the locker room feeling towards them changed once they won the belts, with Gzim speaking about a story involving Baron Corbin that almost led to a fight in Europe.

“Once we became RAW champions, that’s where we had a phase,” Gzim said. “I don’t want to say because we didn’t have much work when we signed with RAW that everybody was good to us but we saw once we didn’t have much work we got called up and everybody was a little bit quiet to us.

“Once we didn’t have much work, we were sitting at catering, everybody started being so friendly to us. Then we became champions and we see guys pull a 360 on us. Completely 360. I’m just looking at some people like damn, what did I do wrong?

“We actually got on a European tour after and that European tour obviously we had so much fun with some of the guys in the back, Roman, Jon [Moxley]. We had a lot of people who started heat out of nowhere. For example, there’s this story that I’ve never told many people.

“Jon backed me up on this one, we were still the new guys and the new guys supposedly, we didn’t know, have to lift up the beers from the bus to the hotel. We didn’t know that. We were walking into the hotel and I’m waiting in line for catering at the hotel because I was hungry after the match. They didn’t care obviously because we were champions but that didn’t play in my mind I just didn’t know.

“[Baron] Corbin went up to me and he said ‘Hey young boy, you’ve got to pick up that crate of beers man, and bring it back to the hotel.’ I look around and I said ‘Excuse me?’ He said ‘I did the same thing when I was a young boy, you’ve got to pick up the beer man. I’m thirsty.’

“I was like ‘Are you seriously talking to me like this? I understand if you said hey bro, can you please grab those beers? Everybody who’s new does that, that’s the way to go. But you’re calling me young boy in front of everybody here man, are you serious? Baron, come here man.’ In front of the whole crowd, everybody went quiet. I said ‘Come here, are you seriously talking to me like this?’ He goes ‘I apologize, I didn’t mean to say it like that, I did it, everybody does it.’

“A lot of things like that happened once we became champions, which was cool, but people thought because we were new and we became champions that we were going to start turning into dick heads but we didn’t. We were the nicest guys as champions and we don’t care if we’re champions or not. We saw a lot of people turn a different way once that happened and I guess that’s the way it goes everywhere once you get success.”

The Authors of Pain left the WWE in 2020, citing unfulfilled promises as the reason why they asked for their release. Sunny continued to speak about their issues with talent backstage and revealed what he would always tell his partner Gzim about the situation.

“I’m sure me and Gzim, we’ve had lots of heat,” Sunny said. “But honestly, we’re not bad people. That’s what I’ve always had to say to Gzim, like dude we’re good people. The good people, they’re going to be good to us because we’re good people. But the shitty people are going to be shitty no matter what, you can do whatever to them, they’re always going to be shitty.”

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