Tony Khan Addresses The Future Of ROH’s TV Product

AEW and Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan recently sat down with Strong Style Live to discuss his upcoming plans for the Ring of Honor brand.

After talking about the callbacks to classic ROH that he's had on AEW TV recently, Khan took a moment to assure ROH fans that weekly Ring of Honor TV will return at some point.


"I've tried to pen a couple of love letters to the Ring of Honor fans just in the last few weeks with great matches on Dynamite that were throwbacks to some of the best Ring of Honor matches, like Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels," Khan said. "Looking back to the era of Honor Begins, of course. And then having Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole on Dynamite this past week. I think that was another awesome match and goes back to a great rivalry, and of course, that has something to do with how Jay Lethal ended up with that shaved head.

"So I really have so much respect for Ring of Honor. I'm a fan of Ring of Honor and now it's a great privilege to be the owner of Ring of Honor. So I really am very grateful for those fans. I am one of you Ring of Honor fans and I think that's why it's going to be very good for the future of the company. I don't know exactly where the weekly Ring of Honor weekly TV show will live, but I promise I'm gonna bring back the weekly Ring of Honor TV show when I can. I don't know how and when, but I am very grateful to the media partnership with have with WarnerMedia."


On the subject of WarnerMedia, Tony Khan was very complimentary of them allowing him to buy ROH and run Supercard of Honor on the same night AEW Rampage airs on TV. While he would prefer to not run at the same time, Khan feels obligated to provide the event for fans, PPV providers, and distributors, and believes Supercard of Honor will be a great show.

"It was very cool of them to let us do this show because it's not built into my contract and I went out and told them 'I have an opportunity to buy Ring of Honor,'" Khan said. "'I kind of need to jump on this based on how it's going and I would really like to do this. We don't really have a provision for it, but can we work this out?' They were really cool about it, you know 'go out and do it.' And then this event was scheduled and I, for a lot of reasons, have never done an AEW show at that particular event weekend, at Mania weekend.

"It's just not been something I thought would make sense for AEW to do. But it was already scheduled for Ring of Honor and there were tickets sold. They already made agreements with the Pay-Per-View providers and these were some of the same Pay-Per-View providers we work with, like Fite for our international distribution and the cable and satellite carriers. So I didn't want to screw over those people, especially not the fans. So I decided we would go ahead and do the show and I would make it a great event. A great Pay-Per-View. I really believe it's going to be a great event."


To quote this article, please credit Strong Style and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription