Tony Khan On Fans Leaving ROH Show Early: “That Would Be A Regret You’ll Never Forget”

If fans are thinking of leaving Ring of Honor's Supercard of Honor event before the show ends for other WrestleMania weekend events, Tony Khan has a message for you; don't do it! The new owner of Ring of Honor hinted that he had something big planned for the show during an interview with Strong Style Live.


"I will tell you this. I've heard some talk because there are so many events that night," Khan said. "I've heard a few people talking like they might leave early to go to another show. At least that was what people were saying. Don't do that! It would be a big mistake to leave before the show is over. And again, I can't control what other people scheduled or other events that night, but I really hope people will come.

"There's gonna be, I mean, how long have we been waiting for the Briscoes versus FTR? Lethal vs. Moriarity, Gresham vs. Bandido, Zayne vs. Swerve, and so much more to be announced. I promise it's going to be a great night and a lot of the card is still to come. I'm still putting some agreements in place for some of those matches, but don't leave before it's over because that would be a regret you'll never forget."


In addition to being the owner of ROH, Tony Khan is also the owner and CEO of AEW. The promotion is now into year three of Khan's five-year plan, and as he tells it, the company has already exceeded the expectations he had for the promotion.

"We've done 12 Pay-Per-Views now and the last three are the highest-grossing, most buys we've done," Khan said. "So we're on a great trend. I would say we're ahead of schedule on the five-year plan. We're three years in and at no point, five years, 10 years, 1,000,000 years, did I ever think we would have so many of the greatest pro wrestlers here in AEW so quickly? And never did I imagine all these people would be out of contracts and available to come.

"We were a startup company and started with a tremendous, tremendous roster of some of the best wrestlers and some of the best young talent. A lot of the biggest names weren't here necessarily when we started. We started through hard work and boot scrapping and then along the way big names, I mean, Sting, and CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson. Adam Cole was a guy I thought we were going to be fighting against for decades, not the guy I thought would be our franchise player. And then more names now, like Jeff Hardy joining his brother Matt Hardy here."


To quote this article, please credit Strong Style and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription