This past weekend, popular drag queen and Wrestling Inc.’s own Pollo Del Mar posted a backstage photo from the recent NWA tapings with The Briscoes, Jay and Mark Briscoe, following the brothers winning the Crockett Cup tournament. Del Mar (under her real name of Paul Pratt) was backstage serving as a producer on recent episode of Ten Pounds Of Gold.

The photo has since gone viral with thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments, some in regards to the homophobic comments Jay Briscoe made years ago resurfacing following reports that WarnerMedia didn’t want AEW to sign the tag team due to those comments.

Briscoe has since apologized for the remarks.

In a statement given to Wrestling Inc., Pollo addressed the photo taken with The Briscoes.

Aware of their controversial past, Pollo pointed out her personal experiences with the Briscoes had all been positive, and believes the photo shows three people who’s past beliefs do not represent who they are today.

“It seems my photo with Dem Boys from the NWA TV tapings has taken on a life of its own on social media and sparked plenty of conversation,” Del Mar said. “I’m very aware of the The Briscoes’ controversial past, and I spoke up about it at the time it first occurred. Their past comments created hurt and distress for the community I love and so openly and vocally advocate for and am a part.

“I do not speak for Mark and Jay, their past, or the painful lessons I suspect it created for so many on all sides. I certainly do not tell anyone what they should think or how they should feel. Everyone deserves the chance to heal, grow and forgive at their own pace and discretion. I speak exclusively to my own experiences, perceptions and feelings and, thusly, did not share the picture for any ‘political’ purposes. I posted, as I frequently do photos with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances in pro wrestling, to share my memories and fun times with those who love and support my journey.

“That said, Mark and Jay have never treated me with anything but respect and kindness, as an equal and, to be honest, someone they seem to enjoy seeing in the locker room. This alone is the basis of my personal feelings toward Dem Boyz. We have laughed together and talked rather extensively about important topics, like growing up, changing and seeing how our past actions have sometimes senselessly hurt others.

“It is my personal belief that, if I ever want others to forgive my own wrong-doings and trespasses against others, to recognize my growth and how shortcomings yesterday make me stronger today, and I promise there have been MANY on my side, I have to offer others the same. People can interpret the photo however they choose, but I see it as three people who love professional wrestling, who work their asses off to entertain audiences, and who deserve a chance to show beliefs of yesterday should not necessarily define the opportunities of tomorrow. ”

Paul Pratt (aka Pollo Del Mar) will be co-hosting The Wrestling Inc. Daily later today with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Paul co-hosts the Daily news segment every Thursday which airs at 5 pm EST on all of Wrestling Inc.’s social platforms. The full Daily is released Monday – Friday on all podcast platforms shortly after the news segment is finished recording.

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