AEW star Wardlow stopped by the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast to talk about his victory in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at AEW Revolution.

As someone who grew up a fan of ladder matches, Wardlow is thrilled his first PPV match was a ladder match and that it came off as well as it did.

“It really did,” Wardlow said. “Man, there’s so many situations thus far in my career that have just been mind-blowing and hard to even comprehend how things play out. I’ve said before, manifestation is real. So I grew up loving Hardy Boyz, Edge, Christian, Dudleyz, all those ladder matches. Revolution was my first Pay-Per-View performance and in my first Pay-Per-View, I am in a ladder match. Not only a ladder match, but I’m in a ladder match with Christian.

“It’s so wild how life works and how mine’s unraveling. It’s still hard to believe every day and I feel like we did things that have never been done before in a ladder match. Things you’ve never seen which I feel like are very hard to do and I feel like we created such an entertaining ladder match without giant huge crash and burn spots. I mean, compared to other ladder matches, we didn’t have those super crazy, crazy, crazy stunts. Sammy and Sting, they did the big spots. So we were able to put together a phenomenal ladder match without that crazy stuff and still tell a great story.”

It didn’t stop there for the master of the Powerbomb Symphony. When describing the Face of the Revolution ladder match and his turn on MJF later on the PPV, Wardlow referred to AEW Revolution as the best night of his life.

“When I say that was the best night of my life, I truly mean it,” Wardlow said. “I mean the moment of grabbing that ring and putting it over my head at the end of that ladder match, hearing that crowd, and then hearing them again in the moment of placing that ring. When I turned around and I was walking up the ramp and I heard behind me the entire arena chanting my name, best moment of my life. I mean, I’ve been dreaming of that moment since I was in elementary school. I knew it would be a big moment, I just didn’t comprehend it would be received that well.”

AEW Revolution also featured the AEW debut of William Regal, who came out to keep the peace following a match between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. Wardlow talked about meeting Regal backstage at the show.

“It was actually funny,” Wardlow said. “He’s somebody I hadn’t met yet and when I saw him backstage, I wasn’t expecting it and I actually, excuse my language, I think I looked at him and I was like ‘holy sh-t. Pleasure to finally meet you.’ And he looked at me like, like it just came out. I’m like ‘man, I’ve been waiting a long time to shake your hand.'”

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