WWE Hall Of Famer Says Steve Austin Is “Looking Amazing” Ahead Of WrestleMania

After earlier being skeptical about Steve Austin wrestling a match at WrestleMania 38, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, appears to have changed his tune.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, DDP revealed it now wouldn't shock him if Austin's WrestleMania appearance on the KO Show may turn into a match with Kevin Owens.


"I will guarantee you Steve is coming in looking amazing," DDP said. "He's Stone Cold Steve Austin. I would have bet up till recently no way he would wrestle, but one thing you learn in this business; never say never. Who knows? Maybe freaking Stone Cold is going to come out. I don't think, if it's a match, I don't expect it to be long because, you know, he ain't a kid anymore and he ain't been in the ring in that long, in a long time. But who knows? Maybe there is. I would love it as long as he's taken care of and I'm sure everything would be to make sure. But yeah, I would love to see it because that would just blow the roof off. I wouldn't want to follow that."

DDP also discussed Steve Austin's status in the top echelons of pro wrestling. While he believes Austin didn't have the longevity of guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to overtake them, DDP does put Austin close to those guys in regards to the greatest wrestlers of all time.


"If you look at the greatest talents of all time, Steve Austin is right there with (anyone)," DDP said. "If Steve had a longer run than Hogan, if he had another couple of years. Hogan is the greatest of all time as far as the personality. Ric Flair, to me, is the greatest of all time as the worker because they both have like 30 years in. Steve Austin has like, maybe 15. Maybe, maybe not even 14. And in the last six years of his career, he was the icon, you know?

"If he could've kept that going, if he didn't get dropped on his head, Steve would still be wrestling today, no matter what. You know he would be in and out of there like Piper. To me, he's one of the greatest characters and the greatest interviewer, you know? When he's out there, Ric Flair is way up there on that level too as far as just Stone Cold interviewer, but Stone Cold Steve Austin, I think is the best interviewer ever. You know when him and Rock were together, that was just magic shit, you know?"

Going back to the segment Austin will have at WrestleMania, DDP stated his belief that whatever Austin and Kevin Owens do will turn out great.

"The segment's going to be great," DDP said. "Everybody's looking forward to it and, again, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is WrestleMania. So can Steve go out there and do it? I would've thought it would never happen, but at this point, not so sure. Because he could go out there and just, you know, and he loves surprising the world and he's great at it. I am one of his biggest fans, you know?"


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