AJ Styles On Why The Undertaker Would Not Return His Calls For Return Match

WWE Superstar AJ Styles recently spoke with Wrestling Inc's Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE's WrestleMania 38 media row about the Boneyard match with The Undertaker. The former WWE Champion feels good the match was one 'Taker could retire on.


"That's awesome," he said on Undertaker's Hall Of Fame induction. "It's huge. But that's a compliment to everybody that was involved in it, it wasn't just me. There's Gallows and Anderson, everybody setting everything up. It was a fun match that people can look back and go, 'that was great.' And if he thought that it was good enough for him to go, 'you know what, I am good with hanging it up on that one,' that makes me feel good.'"

The cinematic match was never the original plan, but the pandemic changed things. However, AJ Styles does wish it could have been done in the ring.

"Of course, of course, I do. I mean, I had all these ideas and stuff that we never got to do, but it wasn't meant to be," he said.


Despite The Undertaker retiring on that match, AJ Styles did try and convince him otherwise. AJ revealed he tried to call 'Taker, but he ignored it because he knew what was on the end of the line.

"I think we all knew that once the Boneyard match got the reaction that it did, that might be it. I called, and he didn't return my calls," he said. "Because he knew, 'hey, he's going to convince me to have another match.'"

During the corporate Money in the Bank ladder match, there was a nod to The Undertaker. Spooky music hit during one scene with AJ Styles, which alluded to the Deadman. However, he confirmed that was just them throwing things at the wall.

"Listen, we were kind of strapped for things that we were able to do, I don't know if you remember. It was very weird at that time," he said. "We had the Money in the Bank match at the WWE Headquarters. So, we were just trying to pull things out of a hat."

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